Storylines: Boogers, A Freddy P Soft Song, All You Need To Know About This Week and Staff Game Predictions

Ann Arbor, Michigan

It’s been a funny and entertaining week for the Michigan football program. We first heard Coach Harbaugh’s explanation of Freddy P Soft during his Monday press conference then he set the record straight later that night on his radio show saying, “I have never eaten a booger in my entire life.”

On Monday evening, Colorado announces their uniform selection for Saturday. It will be the exact same as 1994 when they won on a famous Cordell Stewart throw to Michael Westbrook beating No. 4 Michigan 27-26.

On Tuesday, Colorado released a depth chart that turned into a hilarious battle between schools on Twitter.

This turned into a back and forth exchange between the two accounts with many responses on the names in the depth chart.

Colorado has played Michigan four times with the last in 1997 winning 27-3 and this will be the biggest test for Michigan so far this year. They will also have Tom Brady in town as the honorary captain this week.

On Wednesday, Coach Neuheisel released his Freddy P Soft song on Sirius XM College Sports. Use the link below to listen!

Colorado Preview and Staff Predictions

What we know about this Colorado team is they’ve been impressive with their top 10 ranked defense only allowing 321 yards. They also have the seventh ranked offense after two games averaging 50 points per game. Their opponents of Colorado State and Idaho State have not been a true true test, but many are saying Colorado keeps it close in Ann Arbor. Our staff doesn’t think so much…

Roderick, Founder 

Michigan 38 – Colorado 17

Aaron, Senior Staff Writer

Michigan 42 – Colorado 21

Steve, Recruiting Analyst 

Michigan 31 – Colorado 13

Syed, Staff Intern

Michigan 31 – Colorado 7

Patrick, Recruiting Writer

Michigan 41 – Colorado 10

Alex, TWD Graphics Designer

Michigan 49 – Colorado 24

Jeffrey, Writer and Video Specialist

Michigan 54 – Colorado 7

I see this game being closer than the first two but another impressive performance by our defense to keep them under 20 points. Tom Brady, 2017 recruit Dylan McCaffery and others guests in attendance will see the best overall performance so far as a team. Speight leads this offense with several contributing and more running plays. The game is closer than some think, but Michigan wins 31-17.


David Noe, Senior Editor

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