Spring Game Highlights and Takeaways

Ann Arbor, Michigan- The spring has been far from uneventful for the Michigan Football program. Many off the field tactics and decisions made by Jim Harbaugh this spring have been talked about in great length since National Signing Day. Now we focus in on how this team is developing with new defensive coordinator Don Brown and the one position with an exciting battle, the quarterback.

The 2016 Michigan Spring Game had nice weather, trick plays and several outstanding performances for the large crowd of over 40,000 in attendance.

The teams were split up by the maize and blue teams:


QB- Peters and Speight

OL- Magnuson, Braden, Kalis, Kugler, Runyan, Froelich

Others to watch – Ty Isaac and Grant Perry

Full roster


QB- O’Korn, Morris and Malzone

Playerss to watch- Drake Johnson, Jabrill Peppers and freshman Kareem Walker.

The full roster


Drake Johnson started the evening with a catch from Shane Morris and a trick play.

Ty Isaac had a few great runs. (21 and 30)

Jake Butt scored the first touchdown for the maize team to make it 7-7.

Dymonte Thomas had an impressive interception to end the first half.

First Half Stats for QB’s

O’Korn- 3/5, 36 yards

Morris- 4/9, 31 yards, 1 interception and 1 touchdown

Speight- 3/4,  31 yards, 1 touchdown

The 2016 class was introduced at halftime with only a few who could not attend. The last to be announced was Rashan Gary and the crowd erupted to a standing ovation as he ran out to the 50 yard line to greet Coach Harbaugh.

Second Half

Speight ran a 6 yard run play for his second touchdown of the evening and was very impressive in the QB group.

Malzone and Peters were in the game during the 4th quarter. Peters had a great throw to 6’7 target TE Gentry and also was deep near his endzone working to break away from the defense and a safety.

Kareem Walker had a great run showing his toughness.

Offense Takeaways

Isaac was very impressive showing some bursts of speed with two few runs over 20 yards, and a total of 79 yards and 10 carries. He was choosing the right moments to bounce outside for a big run.

Grant Perry played the role of the #1 receiver and had a great performance with 30 yards, three carries.

Speight looked really good at QB and the most impressive with 5/6 and 46 yards showing he is ready to compete for the starting job.

O’ Korn was 6/14 and 93 yards and late game drive to score with eight seconds left.

The major suprise of the game was Morris with getting involved in something trick plays and playing receiver. His last play was a 25 yard run after catching the pass from O’Korn. After the game Morris said he is still a quarterback but played receiver to help the team out.

Defensive Takeaways

Matt Godin played most of the game and stood out.

Taco Charlton also had a great game with a nice sack on Ty Isaac’s first run.

Mike McCray was all over the field and needs to be on the field at safety.

Dymomte Thomas also was impressive  with a late first half interception in the endzone from a throw by Morris.


We saw some great plays on both sides of the ball, the quarterbacks with some solid playing time and the game ended on a two-point conversion try that was stuffed with the maize team winning 14-13.

We will continue to watch this battle for the starting quarterback position that may go late into August.

David Noe