Recruiting: Two Schools Are Sticking Out For 2017 RB A.J. Dillon

A common trend has started to occur more and more during the spring for Michigan’s visitors. That trend has been for prospects to visit Michigan on weekdays instead of the weekend like usual. Well, Michigan hosted the #1 player in the state of Massachusetts from Monday night until Tuesday this week in 2017 Groton, MA (Lawrence Academy) four-star RB A.J. Dillon, which was a “fantastic” visit for Dillon.

“I really enjoyed my time at Michigan, I had a great time,” Dillon said about his visit. “I met with the head guy (Jim Harbaugh) and had a nice conversation. I also got to talk to running backs coach Tyrone Wheatley and we talked about how I fit in Michigan’s system. Toured the campus, got a feel for Ann Arbor and was really impressed by the school after seeing the academic studies. Ann Arbor seems like a great town. And the facilities were amazing.”

Michigan running backs coach Tyrone Wheatley and Jim Harbaugh spent a lot of time with Dillon and his step dad during his visit, including a sit down conversation with Dillon. The Wolverines really put the full-court press on Dillon during his time at Michigan.

“Coach Wheatley is very genuine, really knowledgeable and a great dude,” Dillon said. “I feel like he’s someone who can really develop a running back on and off the field. As for Coach Harbaugh, he is a really good coach and just a funny dude. We all sat down and had a good conversation, we talked about how he saw me fitting into their system and what Michigan had to offer.”

Dillon and his family really take education and the ability to graduate players on the football team seriously. During his visit, Dillon made it a point to see the campus and academic side of Michigan. Well, the coaching staff answered and blew Dillon’s expectations away.

“The academic center was fantastic, really gives the athletes a place to get help. The education and academics from Michigan is top-notch and the best in the world. The campus blew me away and my expectations coming in! There is a lot to do and the campus is a lot bigger than I thought!”

During his visit, he had a chance to watch Michigan’s spring practice and get a feel for how the coaching staff coaches. He also got to talk and reunite with Michigan freshman tight end Sean McKeon, who was formerly a top recruit in the state of Massachusetts like Dillon.

“I also got to watch the team practice, which was fun to watch. I said hello to a few players and saw some in the facilities and chatted it up a little. I talked the most with Sean McKeon, being a Massachusetts guy, I asked how he liked it and everything. He didn’t really recruit me, but he told me he loved it and he has enjoyed his time thus far.”

Dillon recently released a list of his top five schools on Twitter. Those schools are Michigan, Notre Dame, Florida State, Virginia and Wisconsin. After two recent visits to Notre Dame and Michigan, both of those schools are the two that are sticking out among the rest.

“Michigan and Notre Dame are both sticking out among the rest as of right now for me. Both combine academics and athletics greatly and have long standing tradition. I am starting to build strong relationships with both coaching staffs. I really like both Notre Dame and Michigan, I could see myself at either school.”

The minute you mention a legacy recruit in the world of recruiting, experts will immediately assume that the recruit will end up at the school where his family member or parent made a name for himself. Well, Dillon is a Notre Dame legacy recruit. His grandfather was a stud for Notre Dame back then and that has many Michigan fans worried. However, Dillon has stated numerous times that this is his decision and he will make the best choice for him.

“My grandfather had a great legacy at Notre Dame and has established his name in the program. I’ve heard all about Notre Dame growing up, it’s a very easy thing to assume that I will end up at Notre Dame, but at the end of the day I’m going to make the best choice for my family and the rest of my life.”

– Shane Kinnee (Senior Editor)