Recruiting: New Michigan Commit 2018 LB Antwuan Johnson Putting On His Recruiting Hat

Monday night, Michigan landed a commitment from a recent visitor in 2018 Springfield, OH (Springfield) 4-star LB Antwuan Johnson. This was no surprise for people close to the situation, Johnson has been pondering over committing to Michigan for the last two weeks.

After his visit to Michigan a few weeks ago, Johnson informed me that Michigan was his leader. He held off on a commitment to The Wolverines, went home and thought it over for a week with his family and coaches. Well, after one week of pondering, his decision was clear. He made it official on Monday night when he announced on Twitter that he will officially be spending the next three to four years at Michigan.

“I pulled the trigger on Michigan because I sat down with my family and we all talked, I just asked them what their thoughts about Michigan were,” Johnson said. “They all told me the same thing, they all thought it was a great fit for me and the move would be good. I took a week to myself, thought about it a lot then I made my tough decision, but I just felt like Michigan is doing something great up there and I wanted to be apart of that.”

“Just about two weeks ago, I felt the love up there. I mean it was a great feeling, the coaching staff felt like family and Michigan felt like home for me. I look forward to being apart of the Maize and Blue for the years to come.”

Many people thought Johnson would end up staying in-state and committing to Ohio State. However, his visit to Michigan went as good as it possibly could have. Michigan defensive coordinator Don Brown was a big reason for why the visit went so well.

“I thought my visit was great,” Johnson told me. “I really enjoyed it and that visit really persuaded my choice, but it was a lot to do with my family and how Michigan felt like family and home to me. On my visit, I got to talk to Coach Brown I love his energy and I think he can help me get to the next level.”

Johnson made his commitment very early for a 2018 recruit. That’s not a bad thing or something for Michigan fans to worry about because Johnson plans on recruiting other top prospects for the Michigan coaching staff. He wants to be the leader of the class.

“Yes, I will be the leader for the 2018 class. I was born a leader, it’s just natural for me, so i’ll make sure I’m in touch with other 2018 recruits and make sure I get a group of guys up to Ann Arbor that can win the Big Ten championship and compete for the national title.”

“I am going to recruit my teammate, Leonard Taylor. I’ll try my hardest to get him to commit to Michigan and I’ll reach out to the two guys I grew up and played football with: Jackson Carmen and Christian Bleu-Smith. Then I’ll get in touch with Jaelen Gill.”

When Johnson committed to Michigan, the first person he called was Jim Harbaugh. Harbaugh was really excited when he received the phone call from Johnson and it was the same way for Johnson.

“When I committed I called him first, I was really excited and he was to. Coach Harbaugh was really happy, he talked to me about how people think a Ohio kid won’t go to Michigan and how that was really stupid. I told him I was happy that I could help him get over that barrier.”

“I think he is a very honest, down to earth guy and I like having that in my future head coach. Harbaugh reminds me of my high school coach Moe Douglass. I look forward to having a great relationship with Harbaugh through this process and helping him build a stellar 2018 class.”

– Shane Kinnee (Senior Editor)