Recruiting: Bob Jones’ High School Head Coach Kevin Rose Talks UM Satellite Camp

Michigan’s current adventure that is really ticking people off is the IMG Academy spring practice in Bradenton, Florida. Friday was the last spring practice down in Florida, and the Wolverines will be heading back up to Ann Arbor within the next forty-eight hours. However, when Harbaugh ends an adventure another one always seems to be right on the horizon, and Harbaugh’s next adventure will start in Madison, Alabama on June 6th. reported on Friday that Jim Harbaugh and the Michigan coaching staff will hold another satellite camp in Alabama on June 6th. The satellite camp will be held in Madison, Alabama at Bob Jones High School. Last summer, Michigan had a satellite camp in Prattville, Alabama, which is in southern Alabama. This upcoming summer, they will be in northern Alabama at Bob Jones High School.

With all that being said, the Michigan coaching staff had to contact Bob Jones High School Head Coach, Kevin Rose, if that was okay. Below, Coach Rose talks about the Michigan satellite camp.

“Michigan is a great program with a lot of history,” Rose told me. “They had a good 2015 season with Jim Harbaugh and they have a great coaching staff. I know that my players and players across the state of Alabama will be coached by some of the best coaches in College Football.”

A few weeks ago, Michigan hired former Prattville High School coach Antonio “Bam” Richards as a offensive analyst. Richards was a big factor and was partly responsible for making this all happen and contacting Kevin Rose.

“Coach Bam contacted me around February 17th and talked to me about possibly speaking at their Spring Clinic,” Rose stated. “They wanted us to host a satellite camp here like they did at Prattville last year.  He then asked if we would host a satellite camp and I agreed!”

Not only will the high school benefit from their players getting coached by the best-of-the-best. The high school has received national news and a lot of publicity. Plus, all the money earned at the camp will go directly to the high school. With all that being said, it was a “no brainer” for Kevin Rose.

“We are fired up for Michigan to come down here. It’s great news for Bob Jones High School and our school system. Expecting to make $10,000, camp will be loaded with recruits. They have already offered two of our guys. We keep all proceeds and our coaches and kids get to learn from their staff, not only but it makes great publicity. It was just too good of an offer to pass up.”

Bob Jones High School led by Kevin Rose is one of Alabama’s top high school programs in the state of Alabama. There is a reason Michigan chose Bob Jones High School as their satellite camp location, they have two targets that play at Bob Jones High School. Those two players are 2017 3-star TE Kendall Randolph and 2017 4-star S A.J. Harris.

“Both A.J. Harris and Kendall Randolph hold Michigan offers. They are both very interested in Michigan and all they have to offer. I know they are excited for Michigan to come down here. They will both be attending the camp.”

Kevin Rose did mention that “some big names” will also be in attendance, he would not give those names away though. However, this camp may not even happen due to the SEC’s pursuit to shut down satellite camps. But, the camp has been approved by Michigan’s Compliance Office and is currently awaiting Bob Jones’ High School Board of Education approval.

“Michigan’s Compliance office did approve the camp idea on Friday and I am awaiting the Board of Education’s approval. But, it looks like this camp will end up happening.”

– Shane Kinnee (Senior Editor)