Recruiting: 2017 ATH Antjuan Simmons Plans On Visiting Michigan Before Spring Practice In Florida

The 2016 Michigan football recruiting class is officially over, and the 2017 class has officially begun. Within the 2017 class, the Wolverines are looking to add depth to the linebacker position. Michigan is pursing a lot of highly-rated linebackers; however, none more than 2017 Ann Arbor (MI) 4-star ATH/OLB Antjuan Simmons.

Below, Simmons recaps his recent Michigan visit, Michigan’s chances and future plans.

“Michigan is a great place to be at right now, they have great coaches, great players and great fans,” Simmons told me. “I only see them going up in the future. On my visit, we just spoke about what was going on between us like what they needed to do to make up some ground. I told Coach Partridge, they just need to keep building a relationship with me and keep making me feel welcome.”

Simmons is all about relationships with coaches from programs he is considering. When he visited Michigan, it was the first time that he was able to talk and connect with the coaches. In addition, Simmons is being recruited as both linebacker and running back. So, he sat down with both Tyrone Wheatley and Chris Partridge, finally, after hearing so much about both of them.

“I’ve only seriously talked to Coach Partridge once, but the other times were just very brief,” said Simmons. “However, he seems like a great guy from what Quinn Nordin tells me. Every time we talk, I know one thing: he’s fired up about coaching the linebackers and what they got planned for next year. Coach Wheatley is also a great coach and a great guy due to him being my main recruiter. I’ve had a lot of opportunities to get to know him. Wheatley is the only one who has somewhat of a relationship with my mom.”

Before Simmons took his visit to Michigan, he released a top eleven list of schools that did not include the Wolverines. However, he did inform me that Michigan is back in his list of eleven schools.

“Yeah, they are now in my top eleven list of schools. They are now because the relationship between me and Coach Partridge is growing and I feel pretty good about him. Michigan was never out of it, they were always in the hunt. Previously, they were not in my top eleven because there was not a lot of contact between me and the coaching staff. Plus, I am all about relationships and there was no real good relationship between us.”

After the recent visit from Simmons to Michigan and another successful visit to Ann Arbor. The Wolverines definitely made a impression on him and have become a legit threat for Simmons.

“Michigan is moving up my list of schools and are making up some ground, slowly but surely. Right now, Michigan is on the bottom half of my eleven, but Michigan could surely still land a commitment from me. It depends on how the process pans out. I don’t really have a leader or a group of schools that are sticking out; but, if Michigan keeps building a relationship with me and makes me feel welcomed into the program they have a great shot.”

Michigan has a chance to move up even more on Simmons list of eleven schools. He plans on visiting Michigan again before they head down to IMG Academy

“I plan on heading back up to Michigan before they go down to IMG. I don’t have an exact date when I will be visiting, they have to send me the dates of practices, so I don’t know yet.”

– Shane Kinnee ( Senior Editor )