Recap of Michigan’s Florida Spring Break Practice Day 1

There are many benefits of heading from Michigan at this time. The first day of spring practice for Michigan consisted of two sessions;  the Maize group, which started at 8am with the third and fourth stringers and The Blue group that started a 10am and practiced until 2pm. Harbaugh spoke did speak with media members, who were able to attend practice from 11am-2pm, before the team went to the beach . Marty Smith from ESPN posted this on Twitter and SportsCenter included a segment about Harbaugh and Michigan in Florida.

There were some players moving to different positions, standout performances by several and surprises, including a test of Nike cleats and guests like Dick Vitale taking in the day.

Nike granted a period to test cleats during spring break.

There were a few impressive performances to point out. Peppers was showing no issues with his hand injury while spending a lot of time with the linebackers. On the defensive side, Lewis had a great day giving O’Korn trouble passing with a pick when looking for Darboh. Stribling also had a good day with a couple of pics. Wheatley Jr. was confirmed at tight end.

All quarterbacks had equal reps and nobody emerged during the three hours of practice that media were there. Many feel O’ Korn will be the favorite but several can compete for that spot as well as the backup spot. Harbaugh mentioned that Mason Cole at center is not etched in stone, but the likelihood is strong. From left to right, it was Newsome, Braden, Cole, Kalis, and Magnuson.

Mone had no issues after a broken leg in fall with no brace on and looks like he lost several pounds. Chesson worked on the side with a brace on his knee and his status is unclear, but chances are he will not practice. Harris didn’t practice today, but I will not be surprised if he practices at some point this week. Ryan Glasgow was back after his season ending pectoral injury, working out on the side. There is a good chance we may see him this week at some point.

After practice, Jim Harbaugh talked with the media, not thrilled they were there and reaffirmed he does not see any recruiting advantages to being there. At the end he said, “Got your quote or need something else?” He was not sure when his idea about spring break was first talked about. He was also trying to correct himself to say “graduated” after saying “lost” when explaining some of the positions he was needing to fill. He did not want to look at it that way since graduating is a good thing and made sure he commented on that.

The team spent the afternoon with time at the beach and hanging out then watched “Remember the Titans” as a team.

The team returns to practice tomorrow morning.