Pac-12 Conference Proposes Rule To Prohibit Michigan’s Spring Practice

The Pac-12 was not in favor of Michigan using their schools spring break to practice at IMG Acedemy. According to CBS Sports, the Pac-12 submitted a 22 page report with serious ideas to the NCAA which includes prohibiting practice during an institution vacation period.

A quick summary of the report details is as follows:

  • Require schools let athletes have at least three days off per week during the offseason from required athletic activities, up from the current two days off.
  • Established unspecified time periods after athletes return to campus from athletic travel when required athletic activities are not allowed.
  • Prohibit schools from requiring athletes to report for home games earlier than four hours before the start of competition.
  • Require designated “rest days” in addition to required days off with no required athletic activities.

The document is based on surveys of athletes by the NCAA and the Pac-12 along with recent meetings by the Pac-12 commissioner, Larry Scott, and his staff. The concept is a demonstration of how student athletes can have greater flexibility in how they use their time.

Under the current NCAA rules, when schools are in season, athletes are supposed to spend no more than 20 hours a week on required athletic activities. In other sports but football, this limit drops to eight hours per week during the offseason. It is often that a student-athlete changes their major and school focus due to the time commitment their sport requires and creates it difficult to graduate on time.

There are many that feel changes need to be made, not only to allow them for more flexibility with their time and when they can focus on their sport, but also giving them a better chance of staying within their initial major decided and requirements to graduate on time.

David Noe