NCAA Removes Satellite Camp Ban

Ann Arbor, MI. The NCAA’s rule outlawing satellite camps is no more following a ruling Thursday by the NCAA’s Division I Board of Directors to rescind the ban on off-campus coaching clinics.  The decision comes less than a month after the NCAA’s Division I Council voted 10-5 to approve the ban.

Following the Division I Council’s decision to ban satellite camps earlier this month there was a strong opposition to the ban expressed by everyone from coaches to television personalities to recruits.  This backlash resulted in the hashtag “#ChangeNCAA,” which became so popular it began trending on Twitter after the ban.

Thursday’s ruling is certainly a victory for Michigan and head coach Jim Harbaugh.  Following his return to the college coaching ranks last offseason, Harbaugh utilized satellite camps as a recruiting tool highlighted by his “Summer Swarm” tour last offseason.  While a successful recruiting tool, the clinics infuriated many ACC and SEC coaches because the camps allowed Michigan to encroach on the fertile recruiting ground that southern coaches have easy access to.

The SEC and ACC conferences also had rules banning their coaches from coaching at any camp outside a radius of 50 miles from their school’s campus. In the aftermath of the decision to reinstate satellite camps the SEC has reportedly removed their conferences’ ban on satellite camps, and it is expected that the ACC will do the same in the coming days.

It is now unclear exactly what will come of Michigan’s previously scheduled satellite camps. Jim Harbaugh and his staff had camps scheduled in Alabama, Florida, and Texas before the ban came into place, and it can be expected that Harbaugh and Michigan will to try to reschedule these camps if possible. 

However, in the short term the NCAA’s reversal is a major win for Michigan and Jim Harbaugh against the powerful SEC, though it remains to be seen if this win will have any positive benefits on the recruiting trail for the Wolverines moving forward.