Michigan Still In The Mix For 2017 Greensboro (NC.) S Brelin Faison-Walden; Plans Visit

One of Michigan’s major priorities for the 2017 class is at the safety position. The Wolverines are pursuing for a lot of safeties in the 2017 class like Jaylen Kelly-Powell and A.J. Harris. However, one of their higher safeties on the board is 2017 Greensboro, NC (Grimsley) three-star safety Brelin Faison-Walden.

The Wolverines have shown a lot of interest in Faison-Walden over the last few weeks. Well, the North Carolina prospect will return the favor to the coaching staff with an unofficial visit to Ann Arbor on May 28th to May 29th. The visit is simple: his 7-on-7 team will be in Detroit at the Midwest Elite tournament for those two days, and he may see Michigan before or after the tournament takes place.

“I haven’t had a lot of time to look into Michigan, but I heard it was a top of the line program,” Faison-Walden said about Michigan. “I’m hoping to learn more about it though when I visit. I will be visiting Michigan on May 28th to May 29th with my 7-on-7 team.”

Even though the Michigan coaching staffs full intention is to get Faison-Walden on campus. The Wolverines will also host a bunch of his 7-on-7 prospects who are very heavily recruited prospects. Including, 2017 Charlotte (NC) three-star TE Jeremiah Hall.

“Everybody on my team are basically prospects,” Faison-Walden said about his teammates coming to Michigan. “Jeremiah Hall is one of my teammates getting recruited. We have a eighth grader with about 4]four D1 offers and a sophomore with about 4 also; both play WR.”

Like I mentioned above, Michigan has recruited Faison-Walden heavily over the last months when he first received an offer. Both Michigan linebackers coach Chris Partridge and defensive coordinator Don Brown talk to him almost every other day. Not to mention, but Jim Harbaugh is also in heavy contact with Faison-Walden.

“Michigan is in contact with me every other day. Coach Partridge and Coach Brown are normally the ones who are talking to me, but Jim Harbaugh talks sometimes like a few days ago. Harbaugh send me this: ‘Brelin, wishing you a great start to your day! A great day is the start to a great week, a great week starts a great month, and a great month starts a great year. Make the most of all the opportunities given to you!’ When Partridge and Brown talk to me, they just talk about about the program itself. Getting me more informed. Checking how my day is going.”

Adding: “They’ve been recruiting pretty hard. Since coach Harbaugh has been in contact. Shows a lot to me and how much they want me.”

As of right now in Faison-Walden has offers from Virginia Tech, South Carolina, Alabama, North Carolina State, East Carolina, Charlotte, Appalachian State, and more. He has no leaders or any schools that are standing out for him. He will take his recruitment slow and keep it close to the vest. During the summer, the North Carolina standout plans to visit a lot of different schools.

“I am going to take my recruitment slowly. Everybody who has offered me I’m looking into. Just places I haven’t been yet. Wanting to see all my options. Over the summer, I want to visit Michigan, Clemson, Tennessee, Georgia, and Penn State.”

In terms of his recruitment, he will take things very slow. Faison-Walden has informed me that he will most likely visit Michigan for an official visit in the fall if his recruitment is not over by the end of the summer. However, I think Michigan has a good chance to land the North Carolina prospect. This appears to be a battle between North Carolina and Michigan, with Clemson in the background.

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