Michigan Players And Recruits React To The NCAA’s Ruling On Satellite Camps

On Friday, the NCAA announced a decision ruling that the famous and very controversial Michigan satellite camps will now be outlawed and no longer allowed. The new rule states that football coaches can no longer attend camps that aren’t held “at their school’s facilities or at facilities regularly used for practice or competition.”

The new NCAA rule has now cancelled Jim Harbaugh’s 2016 “Summer Swarm” where he had a total of eleven satellite camps planned across the country for the summer. Not to mention, but it also outlaws coaches from attending the very popular and well-known Sound Mind Body Camp in Detroit. Over the past few years, programs like Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State, Penn State, Toledo, Bowling Green, and many other programs attended the camps in-search of under-the-radar recruits. In addition, they also gave speeches and coached up the prospects.

The Sound Mind Body camp was created by Michigan State recruiting coordinator Curtis Blackwell, who has made a camp that helps recruits get exposure and work with major college football coaches. Blackwell was one of the many people that was upset about the decision. He shared his opinion with the Detroit News.

“It is in no way in the best interest of the kids, that’s my takeaway,” he said. “No one is an advocate for the kids. Who asked the kids? This is much bigger than just recruiting, that’s the whole thing. We are adamant about young people, and this is really unfortunate.”

Well, it seems like the highly anticipated Jim Harbaugh subtweet regarding the NCAA’s ruling over the satellite camps will not come. Instead, it appears that Harbaugh has instructed some of his players to express their opinions on social media.

Below, several Michigan players and a few 2017 recruits give their opinion on the satellite camps being outlawed.

Michigan senior corner back Jourdan Lewis

Michigan senior fullback Khalid Hill

Michigan senior quarterback Shane Morris

Michigan Junior Wide Receiver Maurice Ways

Michigan senior tight end Jake Butt

Michigan senior linebacker Mike McCray 

Michigan players were not the only ones reacting to the NCAA ruling. 

2016 Michigan signee OG Michael Onwenu

Ohio State redshirt freshman Mike Weber

Michigan State freshman QB Messiah DeWeaver

Michigan State Junior LB Tyriq Thompson 

2017 WR Donovan Peoples-Jones

2017 QB Tate Martell

Hundreds of recruits from all across the country have signed up for satellite camps that were suppose to be held by college football programs. However, those prospects chances of getting to work with elite college football coaches and get exposure from the camps will not happen.

– Shane Kinnee (Senior Editor)