Michigan Looking To Flip 2017 Stanford RB Commit

Michigan has had a strong presence in Salt Lake City, Utah. In the past recruiting cycles, The Wolverines were able to reel in Michigan junior defensive tackle Bryan Mone and former Michigan fullback Sione Houma. Well, now Michigan is pursuing another talented Salt Lake City product in Brighton High School four-star RB Sione Lund. Even though Lund is committed to Stanford and has been for quite sometime, he still has a lot of interest in many schools, including Michigan.

Jim Harbaugh has taken Lund’s recruitment into his own hands and is personally recruiting him. The interest in the Michigan football program originally started before his junior year when Harbaugh offered Lund.

“Coach Harbaugh offered me the summer going into my junior year,” Lund said about Jim Harbaugh and his Michigan offer. “Cloud 9, I went numb for a little and just thought about how surreal the situation was. It was just a great experience for me and I was really excited.”

Since his Michigan offer, Jim Harbaugh has been in constant contact with Lund and as a result he has expressed a lot of interest in The Wolverines. One reason why his interest hasn’t faded, because of the opportunity to learn and play under Coach Harbaugh.

“I think Michigan is a great school,” Lund said about Michigan and what they have to offer. “What they have to offer is top quality and the football program speaks for itself. To be coached by Harbaugh would be a complete honor for me, I mean Harbaugh is the god of football.”

“Harbaugh has been in constant contact with me ever since I got offered. We talk about a lot of things, but the main things are just how interested they are in me and just letting me know my role and how they see me in the offense. Not only, but just telling me about the Michigan experience. They see me as a power back within their offense.”

Despite being committed to Stanford, the four-star westcoast running back is definitely excited by the ongoing interest from numerous schools. Several programs have shown a lot of interest in Lund, but Nebraska, UCLA, Michigan, and LSU are the four programs that are standing out the most.

“UCLA, LSU, Nebraska, and Michigan are the schools that have been recruiting me the most, they’re all great schools. As for Nebraska, most of my boys and are looking deep into them and my friends play a part! UCLA, Coach Tuiasosopo and I have a great relationship and Coach Polamalu as well and their new change in the offense is perfect for me!”

The Wolverines are currently Lund’s No. 2 school behind Stanford. Furthermore, he has stated several times that he is still committed to Stanford. However, Michigan has been showing Lund a lot of love and appears to be in really good position for a potential flip.

“If you go to Michigan you’re winning either way, whether it’s for football or academics! I would say my commitment to Stanford is pretty good! I mean of course I’m keeping schools like Michigan in mind because it’s Michigan and I have high interest as well.”

“A decommitment from Stanford is definitely possible, you never know what will happen from here until National Signing Day. I like Michigan a lot, they’re my No. 2 school by far behind Stanford. I like Michigan a lot for many reasons, they have really recruited me well, Coach Harbaugh has shown me a lot of love, and I just have a lot of interest in Michigan.”

During my time with Lund, he expressed a lot of interest in Michigan; the most I have seen from a recruit who is committed to another school. Towards the end of the interview I had to ask him: How have you not committed to Michigan?

“That’s a great question,”Lund commented. “I guess sometimes the feelings you get for something aren’t what’s best for you or just don’t fit you at the moment. However, Michigan is a great program and I have nothing but good things to say about them.”

The Wolverines could become more of a threat to the Cardinals in the near future because Lund plans to visit Michigan in the summer and wants to take a official visit to Ann Arbor during the fall for a game in The Big House.

“I plan on visiting Michigan really soon,” Lund said. “Most likely sometime over the summer, I also want to get to Ann Arbor for a official visit during the fall.”

– Shane Kinnee (Senior Editor)