Jim Harbaugh Continues To Make Headlines


Another day and the feud continues in college football between the SEC and Coach Harbaugh. You listen to national sports radio today and they are probably talking about Harbaugh, his plans for spring break, and expressing his thoughts on social media referring to the recent complaints by the SEC. He asked his 375,000 plus Twitter followers the following:

However, the SEC commissioner, Greg Sankey, thinks he is being childish in taking this to social media and is trying to be in the media constantly.

This added fuel to the fire for the world of college football. The fans then responded posting pictures and videos of Coach Harbaugh on the sidelines blowing up on refs during a game this past season. Some of them are truly great clips where he takes off his jacket, throws his paper of plays and runs his hat around as he screams about a call made or not made. He has the reputation for this throughout his career, but it shows you how passionate and committed he is for fair and healthy competition in college football. Some of his arguments about calls were discussed after the games found it to be in the favor of Coach Harbaugh. Before this year, many people never heard the phrase, “intent to deceive”, for a college football game. Soon after the call was made late in the second half of the Rutgers game. After the game Coach Harbaugh said he was “offended” by the call.

What is the reason so many people comment about every move Coach Harbaugh is doing that is unique? Is it because deep down they wish their favorite team had an approach like Coach Harbaugh?

Some feel what he is doing will in the future hurt the players and team because of his approach. What we know is he is the one of the most talked about coaches in a long-time and that is good for Michigan, the winningest college football program, the B1G Conference and the world of college football. You have not heard much from any conference outside the ACC or SEC that is complaining about him to the NCAA.

Some have commented that Coach Harbaugh is the Donald Trump of college football. Just as we know with Trump’s approach at making the country great again, Coach Harbaugh is trying to make Michigan great again by rebuilding what the program was in the past.

David Noe