Interview: Commit Kurt Taylor Talks Michigan and His Recruiting Process

When you think about a rising star athlete and what they need in order to be successful at one of be top college football and academic programs like Michigan, Kurt Taylor has everything you want. He is one of the most well rounded individuals that any coach would love to have on their team and has the playing ability at running back that Michigan fans should be very excited about. I had the privilege to catch up with Kurt this week to discuss his recruiting process, why he choose Michigan, and learn more about who has influenced him along the way.

Taylor is a 5-foot-9, 205 pound powerful back from Newton High School in Covington, Georgia and is one of the top ranked players at his position out of the peach state. There were several SEC schools among his total 18 offers that wanted to keep him close to home, but made his announcement to deciding on Michigan back in October. He will join AJ Dillon in the 2017 class providing Michigan with depth at the RB position for several years.

He has a growing popularity on social media for his posts about faith and family. One of my favorite recent tweets, because I just ran a marathon and wore pink for my mother-in-law battling cancer, shows us why he wears pink. His grandmother had cancer and fought through it, so he wants to show support for all of those who have defeated cancer and for those are still battling with it.

The Interview

Kurt committed to Michigan on October 16.

Ann Arbor and Campus

Being from a southern state, I wanted to find out what he thought about Ann Arbor and the campus. “What impressed me most by Ann Arbor and the campus was the campus felt like a a small community. I love the feeling of family there.”

Coaches and Program 

I asked which coaches helped him get a better understanding what Michigan has to offer. Kurt mentioned Coach Wheatley helped him get a feel for the program, but it was Coach Harbaugh that was the most influential.  “Coach Harbaugh believes in my talents and I have so much respect for him. He wanted me to be one the first recruits in the 2017 class to commit. He believed in my talent from day 1. Once he saw my film he said that I was his guy and I remind him of Frank Gore. He is a great and honest man, I have so much respect for a man that has vision.”

Why Michigan?

He had a few other schools in mind mainly Georgia, Florida and Tennessee. I wanted to know what drew him to pick Michigan. “The fan base and the support you will have. I love the fans in Michigan. The best that I ever seen. I really love the fans.”

He mentioned his thoughts on Michigan and the academic opportunities while there, but also what he would be apart of after. “I researched the history of the Michigan. And discovered one of the best academic schools in the world. When I graduate from Michigan I will become one of the largest alumni base in the world.” He is looking at majoring in Sport Management and Sociology. His work ethic and attitude is very impressive saying, “Hard work is undefeated ” I believe in that philosophy.”

The Big House

I wanted to know what his thought was the first time he visited The Big House and what kind if atmosphere it offers. “Amazing. I visited for the Barbecue event in August and all I said was Wow. The place is very special.”

Who Has Influenced You?

“My father has been my role model. He believes in me when no one has. He always told me that. I thank my dad everyday. He played basketball at the University of Hawaii and also played professional basketball overseas.”

He recently posted this picture with his father.

He has a very bright future as a football player and student-athlete in Ann Arbor. Every Michigan fan should be thrilled to have him coming in 2017.

Go Blue!

David Noe