“The Game” Preview and My Fan Poll Results

It’s here! Hard to imagine we are coming up on the final game of the regular season, but we are in for a real treat today. It’s the one November day that fan Michigan and Ohio State fans always looks forward to, especially when both teams are highly ranked.

This week we have seen epic trash talking, as it should be, since both are confident they will win. The winner moves on to a full 365 days of bragging and reminders of who won. The last 10 years have been dominant by Ohio State, but the two coaches have built teams very similar and capable of winning.

Twitter Poll

I took a very difficult question to Twitter and here are the final results. Many great responses and most said “everything” or “all of the above.”

The Last Decade

10 years ago, these teams were undefeated and ranked on top. Now, it’s Harbaugh versus Meyer in round two. Don’t believe Coach Harbaugh forgot what it was like to lose 42-13 last year in The Big House. This year, both are fighting for a spot in the College Football Playoff. This will be the 11th time both teams are ranked in the top five in AP Poll history.

Both did not look very dominant last week with Michigan State trying to go for two late in the game which ended the game Ohio state winning by one. Ohio State looked off on both sides of the ball with J.T. Barrett not having a good day. Michigan started very slow with O’Korn coming in and looking very uncomfortable.

Position Breakdown

Now to the game. So where do I start? I’m going to start how I see Michigan having the biggest edge. Their overall defense has been dominant allowing the fewest points in college football. They must stop J.T. Barrett from making big plays and running the ball. If our secondary group can shut down any big throw opportunities then Barrett will have to scramble.

I also see our running backs and wide receiver groups more impressive with several in rotation. Freshman running back, Mike Weber, has been impressive, but will not be able to carry this offense all day. The senior group of offensive weapons for Michigan can turn this game into how many remember them by and what they do against Ohio State.

We also have the most dynamic and athletic player in college football, Jabrill Peppers. That’s all I’ll say about him and hope he has a memorable performance today.

The only position I have Ohio State having the edge is the quarterback. All signs are pointing for Wilton Speight to play, but if he can play and not hurt his shoulder more than he can keep Michigan in the game. If J.T. Barrett does not have a better game than last week, it could be a long day for him.

As anyone old enough to remember games over the last 20 years, both teams come out with high emotions and adrenaline. All you have to do is watch a hype video to see what happens in this kind of game. If Michigan can eliminate penalties and free yards, it may be the deciding factor.

Go Blue!

David Noe