Incoming Freshman Gary and Crawford Jersey Numbers Released

Ann Arbor, MI- The talented 2016 recruiting class getting ready to graduate are learning what numbers they will wear next year in the first year back to Nike. Rashan Gary is taking an unfamiliar number that has not been used for a DL player in over 90 years as seen below from Super Guide.

Only 12 players have worn No. 1 in Michigan football history and only one player in the last 12 years. Dylan Crawford from Santa Margarita, CA will be the 13th player to wear the coveted number. Thursday it was posted on Twitter by another incoming freshman Elysee Mbem-Bosse.

This exclusive club and number is unofficially reerved for teams top receiver. That began with Anthony Carter in the early 1980’s and continued through Greg McMurty, Derrick Alexander, David Terrel, and of course Braylon Edwards earning it half way through his career with coach Lloyd Carr. Funchess wore it his junior year after coach Brady Hoke have him the honor, but struggled with only one touchdown in the last 10 games with leg and foot injuries.

Michigan has not yet released the official roster, so we could see numbers change.

David Noe