Final Poll Results: Would You Skip Your Bowl Game If You Were A Projected First Round Draft Pick?

Many of us will never know what it’s really like to be an elite college football player on the verge of hearing our name announced in the upcoming NFL Draft. The amount of money that is dangling in front of them is far beyond what many of us will only dream of making one day in a career. Many student-athletes can relate to playing a collegiate sport, while trying to enjoy being a normal college kid. I played Division 1 college golf and remember the days of no responsibilities outside of the team and class. College was some of the best years for many student-athletes before heading into the real world and a career in something other than playing a professional sport.

Many sports do not compare to the same level of hard-hitting physical contact like football. Since there is a chance of injury in every game, several who already declared for the 2017 NFL Draft are skipping their upcoming bowl game. Sure, none of them are competing in the College Football Playoff and many people think this is a smart move to play it safe and avoid a serious injury.

Poll Question

I posted a poll on Twitter and below are the final results with over 3,300 votes.

Several responded to this poll saying it would depend on the level of bowl game, while others said they would play and finish what they started as part of their team. I can respect all of those responses with some knowing what they would do no matter the bowl game as part of a team. The opportunity of playing in the NFL would mean these players accomplished what they set out to do, provide a better life for themselves and their family after college.

Many in the NFL would love to play another game with their college teammates. Some NFL players voiced their opinion this week about this topic through social media.

My Opinion

For me, it wouldn’t depend on my playing position, bowl game, or projection for the draft. I would play in the game, period. I would never get the opportunity of playing in a college game again.

“After you leave here, you will never play for a team again. You”ll play for a contract, you’ll play for this you’ll play for that.”- Bo 

Let’s take a look at Deshaun Watson for example. If Clemson beats Ohio St, then plays an amazing National Championship game, his stock could rise and benefit him heading into the draft.

This is something we all can talk about and voice our opinion, knowing we will never be in their position with a future playing in the NFL.

David Noe