Final Prediction: How Many Points Will MSU Score? Our Poll Results, Staff Predictions and More

It’s an amazing morning to wake up and see this as the point favorite for the Wolverines.


24.5! That is the largest point favorite for the road team in this entire rivalry. We know the Spartans will come out ready to play and try to spoil Michigan’s run to an undefeated season. My question is once the Wolverines score, score again and again, how many points will we see on the scoreboard at the end of the game for the Spartans. The are not in th top 100 in offense rankings and are facing a defense that Don Brown has quickly turned into the best in the country in several major categories.

We took this question to Twitter yesterday and here are the results so far.


Staff Predictions

Steve, 45-7

Patrick, 45-10

Zeke, 36-17

Roderick, 38-7

Alex, 49-14

Jeffrey, 37-3

Syed, 35-27

I don’t see Sparty scoring much all day unless we make mistakes in the red zone with turnovers or interceptions. I predict they score once and get a late field goal, making the final score 38-10.

Go Blue!

David Noe