Exclusive Interview: Michigan Commit Kurt Taylor Talks The Georgia State Championship, College Decision, and Hard Work Paying Off

Kurt Taylor joined the 2017 Michigan recruiting class over a year ago when he made his announcement on October 16, 2015. The Georgia native decided to take full advantage of training hard over the summer, not only to prepare for the next level of competition, but to focus on achieving his goal of winning a state title.

I caught up with Kurt after this weekends exciting 7A Georgia Football State Championship and Grayson victory.

1. When did you know after getting the official offer that Michigan was the right choice?

“Just when you visit, you get a feeling inside of you that you belong there. Whenever I visit a game, I just visualize running the ball in The Big House.”

2. Who on the staff was the biggest one to influence you?

“Jim Harbaugh has been a huge influence on me. He is the best in the business.”

3. What are you most excited about after your final high school game?

“Winning the Georgia State Championship is the greatest feeling that I have ever experienced. My final game in high school, I went out as a champion.”

Kurt posted this post game picture after their win yesterday.

4. What’s been your overall goal over the summer and your senior year? Have you achieved them?

“My overall goal senior year was to win a State Championship. I didn’t have any personal goals and accolades. I just wanted to go out a winner and I did. Hardwork is undefeated.”

Kurt had the opportunity on Saturday after his victory to meet 2x Super Bowl champion, Anthony Smith.

5. What has motivated you since announcing your commitment to Michigan?

“My Dad. He told me that in order to win a Championship, you have to make a sacrifice. I sacrificed running for 2,000 yards to win a State Championship.”

Kurt posted this picture today on Twitter.

6. Have schools been contacting you since that announcement last October and if so how many to try and get you to change your mind?

“Michigan State, Cal and Indiana have been recruiting me hard.”

7. Moving to Michigan and the weather will be an adjustment. What do you think will be the biggest adjustment from high school to college?

“Making an adjustment in a different state. Since I came from a winning program, I understand the demand and dedication you need to be successful. The transition should be smooth, I don’t need much but a fair opportunity to compete.”

8. Know what you will study?

“Sport Management”

9. Know who you will room with next year?

“Dylan McCaffrey”

10. Have you become friends with anyone on the current roster and if so who? 

“De’Veon Smith. He is a good mentor.”

Upcoming Games

Kurt will play next in the O/D All-American game on December 31.

In January, Kurt will travel to Hawaii and play in the inaugural Polynesian Bowl with his future teammate and roommate, Dylan McCaffrey. The game will be played on January 21 at Aloha Stadium and televised on ESPN.

Go Blue!

David Noe

Twitter: @DavidRNoe