Exclusive Interview: Kurt Taylor Is Preparing For a Breakout Season

Georgia native and elite running back, Kurt Taylor, announced earlier this month the news he will transfer to Grayson High School for his senior year. He’s having a great summer so far with training as a major focus, and is getting noticed by many with his conditioning pictures and videos posted on social media. If you haven’t  recently checked out his Twitter feed, take a look at the latest posted.

The Interview

I was able to catch up with him this week for an exclusive interview about the upcoming season, his intense training schedule before the upcoming season, and next stage in his career playing at Michigan.

New School and Future

I asked Kurt about moving schools and what he is most excited about right now based on his future. He said, “The transition has been great. I love my teammates. I am a team player. I can play anywhere because I believe in team 1st. I don’t believe anything is challenging when you are in a good situation. I have a great support with my mother and dad. Coach Herring at Grayson HS is an excellent coach. He is preparing us at every practice. We play in a lot of 7-on-7, plus he pushes us hard in practice.”

He added about the future saying, “What I am most excited about is the level of competition we are playing. I love to compete. My dad always told me that hard work is undefeated. I want to prove that I am one of the best RB in the country.”

Workout and Training Schedule

The videos and pictures posted on social media give us a glimpse of what  he’s doing in his daily conditioning. When asked about his schedule this is what he had to say, and get ready for an impressive response. “I practice with my team on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. After practice, I run my high school stadium, then work on my speed and agility with ladder drills, cones, and 40 yards sprints at full speed. Tuesday and Thursday, I work out with my strength and conditioning Coach, Coach Marvin. He helps me build strength and explosiveness. I have a personal trainer for dash training, Coach Lee, who works on fundamentals and skills with speed on Saturday. I go to Team 3 Sport facilities with Coach D, who does a little of everything; speed, footwork and strength, bench press, leg press, and power cline total. Sunday, I go to church then after I do yogo stretch then relax.”

Summer Camps

I asked about his camp schedule this summer and if he was planning on attending any before the season began. He said, “Yes, probably Top Gun FBU camp in July.”

Michigan Games

With his busy schedule this summer and season in the fall, I asked Kurt about his plans to visit Michigan or if he will get to a football game. Kurt is planning at least one trip saying, “I will be there when they play Hawaii. My dad played basketball at the University of Hawaii, so we would be there.”

Playing Running Back

With his speed and ability, I wanted to get his idea of playing opportunities in the future and if running back is where he wants to play. He commented saying, “Of course. I am a running back. When I attend college, I will be playing running back. My ultimate goal is to play in the NFL. So whatever it takes.”

Elite High School Game Invites

I asked Kurt if he is hoping for invites to some elite games for high school players. He said, “I believe if we come together as a team , we have and opportunity to win a national Championship , My dad always told me that hard work is undefeated. I trust in the process. Maybe the selection panel will recognize my body of work and invite me to an all star game. But my focus is to become the best player at my position.”

Kurt’s first game with Grayson, the second ranked high school team nationally, will play at home on August 26 at 6:30pm against the fourth ranked IMG Academy, and it will be televised on ESPN.

This impressive young man has the work ethic and attitude that will definitely help him compete during his senior season and get him prepared for the move next year in Ann Arbor.

Go Blue!

David Noe

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