Column: Harbaugh to the NFL? Not Happening Anytime Soon

It’s no question that Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh is a man that many teams would love to have as their head football coach. Therefore, Michigan fans should prepare for the likes of the NFL’s worst teams to always be “in talks” with Jimmy Christ. The latest “Harbaugh to the NFL” rumors involve the head man at Michigan and the Los Angeles Rams, who just fired Jeff Fisher as their head coach.

In reality, all these talks are just smokescreen designed to throw in some drama and a hot name into a struggling team’s coaching search. First off, I’d like to address those who say Harbaugh has unfinished buisiness in the NFL. Sure, losing in the Super Bowl was a blow to Harbaugh and there probably is part of him that would be enticed by the opportunity to go and secure what he couldn’t the first time around, but he has absolutely nothing to prove anymore.

Everyone knows it by now.

Jim Harbaugh is a great coach. A great coach in the pros and a great pro in the college ranks. Heck, Jim took the 49ers (look what’s happened to them since he left) all the way to the Super Bowl and back to prominence. San Francisco was good, really good when Harbaugh was there. Now that he has since left, the whole organization is a dumpster fire and probably wishing they could’ve reconciled their differences with Mr. Harbaugh.

Additionally, things just don’t add up for Harbaugh to be crafting a plan to return to professional football, especially after just 2 seasons at Michigan. Many NFL lackies and (not surprisingly) Ohio State Twitter trolls don’t seem to understand just how invested and connected Harbaugh is in Michigan and the Ann Arbor area. Jim’s parents are in Ann Arbor. His kids are being educated in Ann Arbor. He’s god on earth in a city that absolutely adores him. Why leave to go to Los Angeles to be with a franchise that has been lost in the wilderness for a very long time.

The NFL needs a man like Harbaugh, but Harbaugh does not need the NFL. The majority of us know this, save for a few who were probably the ones saying he was going to Oakland, that’ll always believe he’ll want to return.

Of course returning to the pros is definitely a real possibility that could occur in the future. Just not in the near future. Nobody can say with absolute certainty that Coach Harbaugh won’t decide to give it another great run at the pros eventually, but his legacy is Michigan and knows it. Harbaugh is an amazing coach, but at Michigan, he has the chance to become a coaching legend just like his mentor, Bo.

It is in this writer’s opinion that seeing out his coaching career at the University of Michigan is what Harbaugh will decide to do. Though the possibility of him departing will always linger somewhat, Harbaugh is here for the long run and is here to lead the charge in what will be a golden era for Michigan football.

TWD Staff

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