2017 Waxahachie (Tex.) WR Kenedy Snell Schedules Visit After Naming Michigan His Leader

The Michigan coaching staff has attacked the 2017 recruiting class hard, looking for one key ingredient that they don’t have one the roster: an explosive and speedy receiver. This past week, the staff has been in the state of Texas, the perfect state which is full of speedy receivers. Well, during this past week, Michigan offered one underrated Lone Star State receiver in 2017 Waxahachie, TX (Waxahachie) Kenedy Snell.

Snell has started to get some more attention from programs across the country. Mainly, due to his impressive 4.38 forty-time and play making ability after the catch. He currently holds offers from Kansas, SMU, Louisiana-Monroe, and Michigan. After his offer from Michigan, The Wolverines have now turned into the leader within Snell’s recruitment.

“I think Michigan is a great program, their in the process of becoming better,” Snell said about Michigan. “I’ve looked at some of the guys that have committed to Michigan and all of them are great players, so I think that they’re a program that’s building and becoming better. As of right now, Michigan is my top school.”

Jim Harbaugh is the main reason for why The Wolverines are now Snell’s leader in his recruitment. When Harbaugh and Snell talked over the phone, he left a big impression on the Texas high school standout. Not to mention, but Harbaugh has the “it” factor Snell is looking for.

“I know what I’m looking for in a coach and I think that Coach Harbaugh has it,” Snell commented about Jim Harbaugh. “It’s not what he has, but the personality is what I like about him. Every once in awhile you flip on SportsCenter and you see him on there doing something. If I’m not mistaken he just was on SportsCenter hitting a home run and it’s just stuff like that. It catches my attention and on top of that I think he will play the best eleven and wants to win games.”

The offer from Michigan came very unexpectedly for Snell. He only held one offer from Louisiana-Monroe, however that quickly changed when he added his second offer from Michigan after talking with Jim Harbaugh and Michigan quarterbacks coach Jedd Fisch.

“I was extremely happy when I got the news because they gave me the chance to play in the Big Ten and didn’t care about my size, so I was really excited about that. It was Coach Jedd Fisch, I was at lunch and my coach came and found me and told me someone wants to talk to you, so he gave me the phone and Coach Fisch ask me how I’m doing and I don’t remember everything. But he asked me if I knew the head coach and I answered yes, then when he said what’s his name I guess I had a brain fart or something because I couldn’t think of his name and just said San Francisco and laughed. Then he asked me, did I think I could play a slot receiver in the Big Ten. Then he said do you think you can return kicks in the Big Ten and he said ‘you aren’t scared to hit by the big guys are you’ and I answered with coach. I try not to get hit and at the same time, I started laughing then he said good answer and told me the good news.”

Now that Snell has his Michigan offer in his pocket, he wants to see Michigan in person and find out what Michigan is all about. With The Wolverines in front of his recruitment, a commitment to Michigan on his visit is not unlikely.

“I am scheduled to visit Michigan on June 18th. I want to see with my own eyes what Michigan is all about. I think a commitment is definitely possible on my visit.”

I totally expect Snell to get more offers in the near future, and so does Snell. However, as of right now, The Wolverines are in very good position to land the Texas prospect.

– Shane Kinnee (Senior Editor)