2017 S Brelin Faison-Walden Had To “Pinch Himself” After UM Offer; Plans To Visit Soon

Michigan keeps the offers rolling for 2017 prospects. The coaching staff has extended over 200 scholarships to players all around the country in the 2017 class. Wednesday night, Michigan offered 2017 Greensboro, NC (Grimsley) three-star S Brelin Faison-Walden. Faison-Walden’s recruitment has heated up after a few recent offers from some big-time programs, but he is very interested in Michigan.

Below, Faison-Walden talks to me about his reaction, what he thinks of Michigan, potential visit, and the coaching staff.

“I felt great after I got the offer,” Faison-Walden said about his Michigan offer. “I had to pinch myself to see if this was a dream. It’s just a big achievement for myself and my football family. I was all smiles the rest of that day. It’s just great to know that elite programs are interested in you as a player. I was just really excited about the Michigan offer.”

Faison-Walden got an offer directly from Michigan linebackers coach Chris Partridge over the phone. The coaching staff has a lot of interest in him and what he can bring to the Michigan defense at the safety position. Coach Partridge said he sees Faison-Walden as a “Khaleke Hudson type of safety.”

“Coach Partridge offered me, he gave me his number and we talked about the program for a good couple of minutes then he just said we want to offer you,” Faison-Walden commented about his Michigan offer and Coach Partridge. “He said they like me as a player and I could fit in at the university. I haven’t got to talk him that much yet, but I think he’s a good guy and he said we will keep in touch more often. So, hopefully I’ll get to know him better as time goes on.”

Within Faison-Walden’s recruitment, he has many factors that will play into his decision. Those factors are: how well he fits into the program, how comfortable he is within the program, and the coaching staff. Michigan looks like they fit the bill for all those factors.

“There are a lot of factors that will play into my commitment. Factors like how comfortable I feel with the program and coaching staff. Distance won’t play any factor in my recruitment.”

“Michigan is a top program, they prepare players for the NFL and they get the full potential out of the players. I think they can unlock my full potential and I really think they can develop me with Coach Harbaugh.”

Faison-Walden has no top-schools in his recruitment and has not narrowed down a list of schools yet. He wants to explore all the options and every school that has offered him. Furthermore, he plans on visiting Michigan sometime in the near future.

“I don’t have any schools that are standing out among the rest. Everybody is on a equal playing field and I don’t plan on narrowing it down anytime soon. But, I do plan on visiting Michigan, not sure exactly when, but it will be sometime in the near future.”

Michigan has made a big impression on Faison-Walden and appear to have moved up his board quite a bit. He already has huge offers from schools like Alabama, Florida State, Georgia, North Carolina, and others. However, if the coaching staff can get him on campus, The Wolverines will be a legit threat to land him.

– Shane Kinnee (Senior Editor)