2017 Roseville (Calif.) TE Jimmy Jaggers Talks Michigan, Commitment Date, and Summer Visits

The Wolverines currently have one tight end committed with in the 2017 class. However, the Michigan coaching staff would like to add at least one or two more tight ends in the 2017 class due to how much they use tight ends. Michigan has a lot of targets they’re pursuing at the tight end position. One of their tight end targets, who may very well end up at Michigan is Roseville, CA (Roseville) tight end Jimmy Jaggers.

Michigan was one of the first schools who offered the west coast tight end. As a result, they have always been in the mix for Jaggers. Both sides have shown a lot of interest since the offer, and there has been a lot of contact between both parties.

“I really like it there (Michigan),” Jaggers informed me about Michigan. “I like the work ethic Harbaugh has instilled there and the way they’re using the tight ends. I think they will be a school who will win a lot in the near future, and that is very attractive as a player. Coach Jay Harbaugh stopped by school last week, we just kind of caught up with everything and talked about future visits. Basically, they feel I would play as their traditional in-line tight end, but still be able to flex out and create mismatches.”

The Wolverines will be in it until the end for Jaggers. However, The Wolverines are pushing for a summer visit for Jaggers, but the west coast tight end prospect wants to visit other schools before his summer time commitment date.

“We’ll see if I visit Michigan, I don’t have anything set yet,” Jaggers mentioned about his summer plans. “I know right now I’m going to visit Florida and LSU, but we’re kind of waiting to see the new offers and interests through the end of this evaluation period. In early June I’m going to visit schools out east.”

Even though Jaggers won’t name a top-school or a top group. He does have a leader at the moment within his head, which he will not disclose to anybody but his family. Jaggers is keeping all schools in mind and everyone is on an equal level, but Michigan might have a slight advantage.

“Michigan is in it for sure, I haven’t completely narrowed it down yet and nothing is set in stone. Right now, I am considering every school. I mean there are top schools for me, but I’m keeping them all equal until I see the other schools away from home to start really picking leaders openly. My leader is in my head at the moment, and I won’t be sharing that school’s name.”

Jaggers made some news within the Michigan recruiting world a few weeks ago. When he decided to not visit Michigan with his 7-on-7 team during his time in Chicago for the 7-on-7 national tournament. Now, his 7-on-7 team all made the trip to Michigan and that is what made headlines.

“In all honesty it was kind of a family decision. We had seen Michigan two times and Notre dame isn’t recruiting me so it was just one of those things.”

In terms of his commitment, he plans to announce it in the summer. There is no exact date for Jaggers, but sometime in June or July he would prefer for a commitment date. In addition, there are a lot of factors that will go into his decision before he makes his commitment.

“No date, but hopefully early July late June. Definitely academics and what I can get out of the degree I receive. Next comes the scheme and players in the program. And last if I can see myself living in that area and how comfortable I am.”

Jaggers is one of the top tight ends in the country, but on the stat sheet he may not seem to be a highly-regarded tight end. There are tight ends that hauled in more receptions in a couple of games than Jaggers did in a couple of seasons, but his combination of size and athleticism have helped earned him the distinction of being one of the most heavily recruited tight ends in the country. Not to mention, but he has been working with one of the top 7-on-7 teams in the country, trying to improve his game.

“All the guys at b2g are great coaches. Coach Matt Hatchette and Coach Chester help a lot and even on defense Coach Ike and Coach Allen are a big help. Then I do some receiver training with Scott Collie at Receiver Tech who has helped convert me into an actual route runner.”

– Shane Kinnee (Lead Recruiting Reporter)