2017 Flint (Mich.) DE Deron Irving-Bey Will Visit Michigan This Tuesday

One of the most underrated players in the state of Michigan in 2017 Flint, MI (Southwestern Commencement Academy) four-star DE Deron Irving-Bey is no longer an underrated prospect. Over the past few weeks, Irving-Bey has received two offers from Michigan and Michigan State. Not often does an in-state player have the opportunity to play for both Michigan State and Michigan at the next level. Well, the Flint standout is one of those rare prospects.

However, Michigan and Michigan State are not the only schools who are pursuing the talented Michigan prospect. Despite the interest from other schools, this is starting to look like a good old classic in-state battle. The offers from Michigan State and Michigan is a sign to come. Both Ohio State and Notre Dame are starting to show a lot of interest. In addition, his combination of size, versatility, and athletic ability will start to shine more-and-more. Not to mention, but his ability to play both offensive lineman and defensive line.

“I was surprised that Michigan wanted me, same thing with Michigan state,” Irving-Bey informed me. “Before the season, I never saw any of this happening for me, I just didn’t expect it. I worked really hard, I went from 245-275 pounds since the season began. I didn’t have any muscle in the season, but I’ve been in the weight room since December and it’s paying off.”

Since Michigan offered, Irving-Bey’s recruitment has started to heat up between Michigan and Michigan State. His recruitment has heated up because of two factors. One, Michigan defensive line coach Greg Mattison has started to recruit the in-state standout heavily. Second, Irving-Bey’s household is a split one between Michigan and Michigan State.

“As of right now, I know Michigan is a great school and has a great football program,” Irving-Bey mentioned about Michigan. “I’ve had conversations with Greg Mattison, that’s all for right now. He has told me that I’m a great prospect of my class. He loved my film and told me I’m ‘raw’, which means I’m not even close to where I can be.”

“My mother loves Michigan and my mother loves Michigan State. However, they told me whoever I sign with, I have my parents full support. I’ve read articles and people telling me about the in-state battle between Michigan and Michigan State. I don’t really think it’s as serious as everybody is saying.”

Despite the growing interest in The Wolverines. Irving-Bey has already visited Michigan State and has great relationships between the coaching staff. He plans to visit Michigan State a few more times before his decision, including a visit sometime “soon.”

“As of right now, I know they’re a great school, great football program. I visited Michigan State and I loved the environment and the atmosphere they gave off. They made me feel like I was wanted and I would be comfortable living there after high school. I’ve visited there several times and enjoyed it every time I was there.”

The in-state battle for Irving-Bey, which appears to be in the early stages will get a little more heated within the next few days. When he visits Michigan this Tuesday for a unofficial visit along with his head coach and teammates.

“I plan on visiting Michigan State again sometime in the future. I plan on visiting Michigan Tuesday this week. No chance of a commitment from me on my visit to Michigan. I will be visiting Michigan with my coach and some teammates who are taking me.”

At this point in his recruitment, Irving-Bey is just enjoying all the offers and interest he is getting from multiple schools from all over the country. With all the hard work over the offseason, he has won MVP or impressed at several offseason camps. A breakout senior season seems to be destined for Irving-Bey.

In terms of his recruitment, he plans to make his decision before his senior season. Both Michigan State and Michigan will most likely be the only two teams who will be in consideration by the time he makes his decision. The Wolverines have a lot of work to do, in order to catch up with The Spartans who have a lead with Irving-Bey. However, his major, either nursing or athletic training, will be a key part in that summer decision.

– Shane Kinnee (Senior Editor)