As June Ends, Michigan Rolls On

It’s been a crazy month. Unless if you’re Jim Harbaugh, then it’s just an ordinary hard-working month for you. Harbaugh and company has just wrapped up a month of seemingly unstoppable barrages of camps. Each one being more entertaining than the last one. It was similar to a Michigan U.S. Tour, with Michigan being the band, of course. With June coming to a close, we will look at the highlights from this month, including Michigan Satellite Camp Tour.

Harbaugh 49ers jerseyEndless locker of Jerseys

One of the things people were talking about(Other than the camps themselves) were “What is Harbaugh wearing today?”. Each camp, Harbaugh was wearing a different jersey. He wasn’t wearing the jersey just to wear it. Whatever jersey he wore had to do with where he was at. For instance, in one of his camps down in Florida, Harbaugh wore a Jacksonville Jaguars jersey, and in Hawaii, a Marcus Mariota jersey was worn, as he was from Honolulu. However, Harbaugh’s wardrobe was not limited to football. In Atlanta, he wore a Hank Aaron jersey for the Braves, and in Alabama, he wore a Jon Lieber Chicago Cubs jersey. Lieber played for South Alabama. Ever since he wore the first jersey at his camp, there has been betting pools to determine his next jersey. If the camps weren’t a great idea as is, the jersey fashion show will keep those birds chirping.

Publicity….and It’s Good

Regardless if you’re a fan of these camps, you can’t argue the fact that Michigan has been the talk of the town every week. Whether it’s good or bad, you always hear about Harbaugh or Michigan. That has transitioned to articles and post about, not just the satellite camps, but about the team in general. For the first time since the Carr era, Michigan is a heavy favorite to win the B1G title. They’ve also been pegged to make the playoffs. You can pretty much bet that this is all relevant to the movement that Harbaugh has started, including the camps. Hype has been built and the momentum has swung in favor of the Wolverines. Any news is good news.

Recruiting Bits

Last season, Harbaugh brought Michigan a top 5 recruiting class with a #1 recruit in Rashan Gary. This season, 2017 class is shaping up to RashanGaryUMbe a top 5 class, as well. Since the camps started, Michigan picked up 6 commits and offered too many prospects to count. Currently, they are 4th in 247 composite rankings. Harbaugh has publicly claimed that these camps have been for the teaching and they enjoy doing so. However, you can’t deny the success they’ve had while doing these camps as these stats have provided. Recently, Harbaugh offered an 8th grade student in Hawaii a scholarship. Sol-Jay Maiava is a QB prospect out of the 2020 class, who attended the camp supervised by Harbaugh himself. Obviously, there is a lot of room for him to grow, but he’s already 6-foot-1 and 180 pounds. This is way too early to be excited, but interesting none the less. The biggest surprise commit during June was 4* Aubrey Soloman, a DT out of Leesburg, GA. Sought to be a Alabama lean, he committed to Michigan while on a visit with 2018 Otis Reese, who also committed.

Grad-Assist gets hired by Montana State

As reported by DieHardSports, Defensive Line Grad-Assistant, Antonio James, has been hired by Montana State as DL Coach. He graduated from University of Illinois, where he played Defensive End. He led the Fighting Ilini to a Rose Bowl in 2008 and had a career 46 games with 6 starts. He finished with 40 tackles and 2.5 sacks. He only served 1 year at Michigan as a Grad-Assistant.

Samoa Camp gets cancelled

Unfortunately, due to a virus, Samoa’s Camp is cancelled. America Samoa is experiencing a breakout of the Zika virus, which is known to cause birth defects in women who are pregnant. With this being a concern, as well as a Jim and Sarah are expecting, Jim cancels the event and prevents any risks. This is also the same virus plaguing the 2016 Olympic Games.

With June wrapping up, there was a lot to look back on. Satellite Camps are about over and I’m sure they will be the topic of conversation in the fall, as well as next year. Michigan has been battling the likes of Ohio State and Alabama in the recruiting front and they have a great shot at making a great class even better. July is about here and that means we’re getting closer to Fall Camp.

Go Blue!

TWD Staff

Stories contributed by staff members of The Wolverine Daily.