2018 Tampa (Fla.) Berkeley OT Nicholas Petit-Frere Talks Summer Michigan Visit And Recruitment

2018 Tampa, FL (Berkeley Prep) four-star offensive tackle Nicholas Petit-Frere is one of the most looked upon and highly-regarded recruits within the state of Florida for the 2018 class. The 6-foot-6, 260-pound offensive tackle, is a prospect to watch moving forward and will be a prospect many programs across the country will try to land in the coming years.

Due to Petit-Frere being such a fluid athlete who can really bend and get underneath his opponent in the trenches. Not to mention, but his nice flashes at defensive end and his athletic ability. With all that being said, he has a lot of programs really excited about him.

As of right now, Petit-Frere is in the early stages of his recruitment and is still taking things slow. Letting his high school coaches at Berkeley Prep talk to college coaches and handle most of his recruitment. Regardless, right now Petit-Frere has offers from Auburn, Florida, Michigan, Ohio State, and others. Many schools are sticking out to the Berkeley Prep standout and The Wolverines are one of them.

Nearly a year ago, Petit-Frere had a rare courtesy of receiving an offer from the University of Michigan as his first division-one offer. Especially, when he is only a sophomore in high school and plays in the state of Florida. Petit-Frere has a lot of interest in The Wolverines and many other schools, however Michigan is one of those schools that is standing out.

“A lot of things was going through my head,” Petit-Frere mentioned about his Michigan offer. “Happiness because this was such a great opportunity. I was surprised to hear my coach call me and tell me that Michigan has offered because it kinda came out of nowhere. Plus, the caliber of my first offer had me in shock. Usually, I see recruits go from lower college’s upward as they are progressively gaining exposure resulting in a high caliber offer. However, I started out with someone as big as Michigan it was just shocking, but I was beyond ecstatic to hear I was offered.

“I think Michigan is a great and historic football program. Each year and everything single year they play competitively and compete against the best players and teams across the country. So I think it’s a strong football program.”

Since the Michigan coaching staff offered Petit-Frere, they’ve been in constant contact with the four-star offensive tackles high school coaching staff. Telling the high school coaches to inform Petit-Frere, that they’re excited about him and want him to visit Michigan in the summer.

“I haven’t been in direct contact with any members of the Michigan coaching staff,” Petit-Frere commented about the Michigan coaching staff. “But I have heard some things from my coaches concerning them. What was said was just about them enjoying my film and them being excited to see me grow in the next few years. I think Michigan’s offensive line coach Tim Drevno is a great coach and all that since he is coaching for the University of Michigan. He must know what he is doing, but I haven’t talked to him yet. I can’t wait until I get a chance to talk to him in person.”

Like I mentioned earlier, Petit-Frere is in the early stages of his recruitment. He is still receiving offers from programs and wants to visit all the schools that have offered during the summer. The Wolverines are one of those schools that he plans to visits over the summer.

“All the schools that have offered I would ideally like to visit over the summer. I would really like to visit a lot of programs over the summer. I would like to go and see everything, but just for a feel around concerning football. I want to go to see what does this school offer me and compare them. However, the amount of visits I take will depend on my family’s budget, travel plans, and how would the trip affect my football summer schedule. But I really I would like to visit a lot of colleges this summer.

Adding: “Right now, Michigan is one of the schools I plan to visit over the summer. The coaching staff wants me to visit in the summer and I want to visit, so it is very likely that I visit The Wolverines this summer.”

Petit-Frere, currently does not have any schools that are above any other schools. He likes all the schools that offers and wants to start visiting some schools, so he can see what ones he likes and what ones he doesn’t. During his hefty list of schools he wants to visit over the summer, he has a lot of factors that will help him understand what he wants within a school.

“Everyone is about even. I’m not really at the point for me to start figuring out stuff concerning my offers, right now I’m just humbled to even have a offer, if that multiple offers. I would like to just let the recruiting process play itself out and in the future I’ll be able to truly rank my offers. There will be a lot of things that I will be looking for when I visit. From the field and practices to the weight room and meal plans, I want to go see the areas where I will be spending the most of my time. Plus, I want to make sure I would enjoy being there.”

– Shane Kinnee (Senior Editor)